Bill Automation

It's not unusual to feel like you are living life 'flying by the seat of your pants' – this is something Emily Hill hears a lot from clients. So many people are living fast paced, busy lives and as a result are time poor. Managing your bills, whether this is invoicing for your own work or paying personal or business bills is so key, and yet there never seems to be time to sit down to deal with them!

Tapping into Emily's bill automation service has been a breath of fresh air for so many clients. After a brief meeting Emily can gain an understanding of your own unique needs: what needs to be coming in and what needs to be coming out of your account each month. Emily will then set up bill automation for each item, detailing these on a centralised billing database she will share with you so you have a clear understanding of how it works. That's it! It's as simple as that and you never need to worry about paying a bill again.

Emily provides this service along side her life management, lifestyle streamlining and home management services. She can therefore handle any changes that need to be made as and when they happen. You can also book her bill automation service as a stand-alone service, but she does recommend a short bi-annual review to check automation is up-to-date and everything has been captured.

To find out how Emily Hill's bill automation service can give you peace of mind, contact her here