Gift Wrapping

As you can imagine Emily Hill’s gift wrapping service is very popular around Christmas time! However there are many other occasions where gift wrapping is called for, namely: birthdays, Christenings, weddings, anniversaries bar and bat mitzvahs to name a few!

Emily’s bespoke gift wrapping service both frees your time and guarantees a beautifully and originally wrapped gift that always puts a smile on people’s faces and adds to the magic of opening a gift. Why go to all the trouble of picking that perfect gift for the one you love and then hand it over half heatedly wrapped? The gift of giving begins when you hand over that exquisitely wrapped intriguing box.

Emily also offers a personal administration service and personal assistant service to help you find that perfect gift. With your guidance she’ll understand the needs and character of the person in question and present you with a number of options. Her personal concierge service means she is even able to collect or deliver your gift to ensure it arrives on time.

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