Home Management

Home management in this day and age can sometimes seem an insurmountable task. There are always a million bills to pay, gardeners to arrange in, nannies to organise, restaurants to book etc. Many people feel they don’t have the time to do their own home management, if you are reading this then you are not alone!

Sometimes it’s because a household is too large with too many moving parts, for one person to cope with alone. Emily Hill deals with large landed estates or multiple property ownership, as well as helping to maintain order in London townhouses. Sometimes its down to members of a household just being too busy to keep up with organising all those little things that go into managing a home, be it paying the bills on time or remembering what day the cleaner comes. This can be down to any number of things be it work, life or kids!

Luckily Emily has had years of experience in home management. Whether it is helping to set up bill automation for your peace of mind, reminding you to leave money out for the cleaner, co-ordinate an interior redesign of the living room, or help with estate management – she has it covered.

For home management enquiries please get in touch with Emily Hill here.