Personal Administration

Emily Hill has helped many clients with personal administration through her lifestyle concierge and personal assistant service. It is hard enough to maintain a work/life balance when you are busy and people often find that the amount of personal administration they find when they get home means they are losing out on precious time to spend relaxing, with a partner, friends or kids.

Luckily Emily is able to completely take this off your hands so you can get back that precious time and stop the feeling that at home lies more work!

Personal administration usually entails: ensuring bills are paid and managed correctly (Emily will make sure you are paying the correct amount for your utility bills by keeping meter readings up to date), managing diaries (both your own and any children) and helping with day-to-day chores like ordering a food shop.

Emily also provides help with event organisation, anything from assisting you with arranging a small dinner party when you feel too busy, to wedding planning.

To see how Emily Hill can help you manage your personal administration, please get in touch.