Personal Assistant Service

Emily Hill provides a personal assistant service for a number of highflying clients and busy households in both London and the Cotswolds. Emily is able to visit your place of work or home in order to work alongside you, or she is able to work remotely, as a virtual PA.

For businesses the personal assistant service Emily provides usually involves liaising with other PAs to arrange meetings, diary management, booking travel, restaurant booking, event organisation, dealing with general enquiries, chasing invoices, bill automation and general office management duties.

In a personal capacity Emily’s personal assistant service is enjoyed by those trying to juggle work, life, and a busy household. In these cases, Emily most often assists with home management: managing bills, organising gardeners, cooks, cleaners, nannies, setting rotas or creating children’s timetables. Emily also plays the traditional personal assistant at home, helping with calendar management including social occasions, online shopping and day-to-day duties like picking up the dry cleaning.

Please get in touch to see if Emily Hill’s personal assistant service is exactly what you’ve been looking for.