Personal Concierge Service

Just like the service offered in the best hotels, a Personal Concierge Service can mean what ever you want it to – and maybe more!

Emily Hill’s personal concierge system is most commonly used for day-to-day chores and shopping. For instance, Emily’s happy to run out to pick up the dry cleaning or the shopping for dinner. This can be combined with Emily’s lifestyle management service to ensure Emily is picking you up the food which will fit with your diet, or that you have everything you need for that all important dinner party you planned together.

Emily is an adept problem solver. Calling on her has got many a client out of hot water. She’s called on in a last minute panic to run home to pick up the laptop (or once, a saxophone!) or to let an emergency plumber into the house. It is recommended for both a personal concierge service and home management to leave Emily a set of keys. Emily’s problem solving skills also come in handy in helping you to choose a gift for loved ones which she can collect and deliver (she also provides a gift wrapping service) in time for you to steal the show at a birthday or anniversary dinner.

To hear more about how Emily Hill’s personal concierge service can help you please get in touch here.