Personal Organisation

Emily Hill’s personal organisation is immaculate; what’s more she takes huge pleasure in organising herself and everybody around her. It was this love which led her to a seven year long career in advertising, organising colleagues and a large number of clients and campaigns.

If you are looking for help with personal organisation Emily can help you in two ways. She offers services in home management, life management and a personal assistant service all designed to take the burden of organisation off your hands. You can be sure Emily will have taken care of your to do list quickly and efficiently so you can clear time and headspace for other things.

Emily is also able to help you help yourself. We all work differently and Emily recognises that not everyone finds organisation comes as easily as it does to her. She can help you manage your own personal organisation better by serving as a guide and mentor. She generally does this through weekly sessions to help you get your head around the week to come, timetabling and planning together so you feel more in control and confident tackling everything on your plate.

If you’d like Emily Hill to help you with personal organisation, she would love to hear from you. Get in touch here.